H-W Peribond

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H-W Peribond® is a registered trademark used for Unconsolidated Refractory Mixes and owned by Harbison-Walker Refractories Company, Harbison-Walker Refractories Company. Full trade mark registration details, registered images and more information below.

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h-w peribond
Goods and/or Services:

Unconsolidated Refractory Mixes

Serial Number: 72164971
Registration Number: 0764916
Filing Date: Mar 19, 1963
Last Applicant(s)/
Owner(s) of Record

Harbison-Walker Refractories Company

Cherrington Cororate Center
400 Fairway Drive
Moon Township, Pa 15108 US

Harbison-Walker Refractories Company

307 5th Ave.
Pittsburgh, Pa US

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