Gsi Groundservice International

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Gsi Groundservice International® is a registered trademark used for Aircraft and Airport Cleaning Services and owned by GSI Ground Service International GmbH. Full trade mark registration details, registered images and more information below.

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gsi groundservice international
Goods and/or Services:

Aircraft and Airport Cleaning Services

Installation and Maintenance of Drink and Snack Dispensers Loading and Unloading of Aircraft On the Apron and Ramp At Airports

Providing Computerized Print Outs of Flight Plans For International and Domestic Flights

Providing Aircraft Fuel Status According To Information From Incoming Flight Crews

Providing Passenger Check-In, Gate Handling and Aircraft Boarding Services

Providing Information For Passengers Before and After Flights In the Nature of Information Related To Arriving and Departing Flights, Connecting Flight Information and Ground Transportation Services

Providing Transportation Services For Handicapped Passengers Between Departure Lounges and Airplanes Via Wheel Chairs

Providing Transportation and Other Travel Related Information

Providing Reservation Services For Travel By Air

Providing Baggage Cart Rentals For Air Passengers

Arranging of Travel Tours

Transportation Services In the Nature of Transporting Passengers Via Shuttle Vans To and From Airports, Airport Terminals and Hotels

Handling of Baggage

Cargo Unloading Services

Air Freight Handling Services, Namely, Storage of Goods, Rental of Warehouse Space

Freight Forwarding Services

Warehousing Services Educational Services, Namely, Providing Seminars In the Fields of Airplane Servicing, Ground Handling Services and Communications Making Hotel Reservations For Others Admission Control and Identity Check of Persons At Airports and In Airplanes, and X-Ray Inspection of Persons and of Luggage

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Serial Number: 79006760
Filing Date: Feb 5, 2004
Last Applicant(s)/
Owner(s) of Record

GSI Ground Service International GmbH

Mittelstraße 5/5a
12529 Schönefeld

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